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Shania sprayed in a hardcore anal fuck

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Hardcore Shania Twain loses self while getting her tight ass drilled!

Gorgeous songstress, Shania Twain, sings a different tune in this wild sex tape while taking a huge long dick inside her tight bunghole. Instead of going to the salon or sweat it out doing silly yoga poses to relax, Twain takes on another ‘sport’ where she gets to use all her muscles while getting pleasure and healthy snacks at the same time. Yes, her husband knows of this hardcore sideline and he approves of it, given that he gets to record all the wildest bits like this one. Twain has been very open to her partner about the needs she has to have that he can’t provide whenever he’s not up for a rough play so the least he could do is set his wife free while he grows a boner from watching all the kinkiness.

At some point he did join her but he prefers to have his wife solo still. Shania performs freely and can give her all in situations like this because she ain’t hiding anything from anyone and this includes us on the web! ‘Accidentally’ getting this out in the open pleased her as much as you sitting at home jacking off to this naughty anal fuck session is obviously pleased and wanting more. Hearing Twain moan while getting her shaven pussy eaten did wonders to those limp dicks easily, I wonder how much you can take hearing her scream with pleasure with every deep thrust of this lucky douchebag inside that tight ass. Plus, she loves the taste of spunk and she swallows them good. It’s no longer a mystery what the secret is to keeping the marriage alive and hot as ever, eh? A chick begging to get stuffed in the ass is uncommon that’s why Twain’s on top of my want ‘to do’ list.

Shania Is Newly Single… And Ready To Mingle

Monday, June 21st, 2010

shania twain threesome

It’s official! Two years after her heart got broken by her husband, record producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, Shania Twain is legally single again. Their divorce has finally come through. Shania Twain, 44, filed for divorce after finding out that her husband had been fucking her best friend. Time to take her revenge on her cheater of a husband… in the arms of other men!

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Shania seems to be in love with her newfound freedom. She is said to be making her way through the Switzerland party scene. She was last seen at the Swiss Red Cross Ball, dancing the night away with 40 year old stud, Frederic Thiebaud (the other woman’s ex-husband). A source close to her says Shania looked radiantly happy.

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Hardcore sex at its finest with Shania Twain’s hardcore images

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

This gorgeous country chick turns out to be one fired-up vixen and she won’t stop at nothing for as long as she gets her fill of hard studs with the biggest and baddest cocks ready to stuff her love holes non-stop. And it is no other than Shania Twain we’re talking about ladies and gentlemen and she’s ready to strip down and spread her legs for some little naughty cowgirl fun with these lucky dudes who will plug her fuck holes until she’s fully satisfied. And Shania is surely having a grand time with all these hanky-panky sessions if only these hardcore images were not leaked and now the world gets to see the “dark side” of this country diva.

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Shania gets muff-crazy with her steamy lesbian sex photos

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

One look at Shania Twain and you definitely know that she is the ultimate embodiment of a true red-blooded woman that is oozing with so much sex appeal that men had their tongues hanging out whenever they see this gorgeous country pop star do her thing on stage or in her music videos. But there is that one thing the public did not know about Shania and it was only until now that we have discovered that this babe has an unusual knack for something out-of-the-ordinary… and she fancies a randy good time with her fellow felines for one smoking lesbian sex play all captured in vivid detail.

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Shania takes it off with these delectable nude pictures

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

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